Wednesday, July 23, 2008

it's mY hoLiday!

sorry guys,it's been a while since i update my blog..
toO busy that i can't even approve all the testi in friendster and reply the emails..
reaLLy sorry bout that.....T..T
so,as I promised dis time i'll tell u bout my jouRney as a backpacker..huhU~~
so,the stOry begins at Sillim Station (it's a railway station) where we took a train heading for Gapyeong Station..
(the nite before the xpdc we had searched all information bout the place include the way to go there,so does'nt hv so much difficulties there)
all the way to Gapyeong Station,there are no problems approached but then we started to feel the difficulties when at GApyeong station we did'nt find the bus station which headed to Chuncheon..
we are all girls,and we are in the middle of nowhere,so some eery feeling kept crawling inside me..huhu~~
but then,we don't give up and we kept on asking the people's passed by and also to the driver bus..but they all said that did'nt know where the place are..
we felt so stranged cause the bus station is so popular as it is the only way for the tourist to go to the place..
then,we took some time to think what were our mistake and after half an hour we realize that it could be because our bad pronounciation that they did'nt understand what we asked..(huhu~~have'nt i told u that my kOrean is prEety bad??)
so,we tried to practice saying the name of the place and wif all the guts that we have we headed for an old driver bus standing beside his bus wif ciggarates in his hand and asked him the way..
finally,he understands us!!we were so happy that we start running to the place as we were already late..
we bought the tickets and the bus headed off to Chuncheon..
we really enjoyed the scenery while we were on the bus and we nvr thought that KOrea still has a place wif hils and green happy that i started to miss the time when i'm on the bus from KUala Lumpur to Terengganu..huhu~~
after 1hour 45min we arrived at Chuncheon and from there we took a taxi to the place's car park..
then again,bought the tickets,took a ferry and finally arrived at NAMI ISLAND..!!
yup,NAmi Island,where the drama Winter Sonata had taken place..
it was really a beautiful island wif full of amazing scenery...
we enjoyed the view all around the island wif bicycle that could be rent there..
we planned to make a night there but we were so unlucky coz the room's there are so expensive..(huhu~~bese la ms tu tgh kering,so,duit xde..^^)
moreover there are no restaurant that served 'halal' food that had forced us to decide that it was better to not to sleep there..
so,after finished sightseeing we tOok the ferry back and headed for hOme..
we were so hungry that after arrived on the 'land' we went to one of the restaurant w/out realizing that the time for the bus to take off was almost there..
so,we asked the 'makcik' to 'bungkus' all our foods and we ran back at the bus station...
we were so lucky that we did'nt miss the bus..
sumthin that we will nvr forget was where we had to eat our dinner on a moving bus!
but our hunger beat all the difficulties that we did'nt even care the other passengers on the bus!hehe..~~
well that was my bout u guys??
enJoy the piCture!

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