Sunday, June 29, 2008


it's beEn a lOng time since I update my blog..
i did the same mIstake again,not updating my blog and leave it full wif dust!!hehe..sOri agaIn..^^
aCtually,it was holiday week,we're all busy wif our own plan..(will tell u later bout dat..)
so,before the holiday begins we had to go for homestay for 2days long..huhu~~
gonna tell u my experiences wif the Korean family..^^

firStly,we had to call them by ourselves,of course conversation in Korean which was still hard for me to use it as speaking language..
well,like always we set the date and meeting was at COEX Mall,place wif full of young peoples and it was weEkend!In Malaysia i think it is same as Midvalley Megamall..yups..
so,I did bring 'pengat ubi' for my Korean family ( wlpn x sdp sgt sbnrye..hehe..)
But the worst thing of all,I was late for my first meEting wiTh the daughter of my homestay family!!huhu~~
But, thank God that the girl was really2 kind that she does'nt care a thing bout that..Lucky me^^..
So,the first meeting was a sUccess..we went to the aquarium,seeing sea animals,eAt a lots,eYe
sHopPing, and the best of all, I did'nt hv to usE my own mOney cause it's all had been paid by my lOvely kInd new Friend,KIM JI YUN..thanKs,fren!
Then I went to her house after one full day of laughter and gOod memOries to keEp..
wHen I first arrived at her hOuse,I felt really uncomfortable..Know why?
bcoz her parents was incredibly KInd!!
we taLk about maNy things,although sometimes I need Ji Yun ti help me 'translate' what they are saying..hehe..~~
They treat me really like their own daugther and fiLL me wif loTs of foods..hihi..
oN the next dAy,we wEnt to the paRk which has a big beautiful manmade waterfall..
wE tOok a lot of picTures together and the trIp ends uP at a pOpular served KoreAn FoOd restaurant near oUr hOuse..
The whole two days was amazingly intErestiNg..I was sO haPpy and there's no doubt that I'll always kEep In toUch wif thEm..
*I alSo got a Lot of prEsenTs too!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Again...'s exam week again..not even satisfied with the time after the last exam..
huhu~~well,nothing can do laa..just face it,,as it is week of exam my blog will once again empty with update but will full wif dust..hehe^^
Dis time it is Korean Language to get better marks this time..hope better than last exam..well,just a little info bout last exam,it was not-so-well exam i think..hehe..really sad but then..damn,i shud not continue my last minute study!
Dis week will be the most busiest week for me in this summer term..Thankfully there are new guys in SNU (place I am stduyin) which was foreigners like me here..really handsome guy too are there..huhu~~dun be jeolous..^^stop!!what nonsense did I talk about?never get anything link to my topic here..lalalala~~
Must do my best in this exam..u oll,pray for me like owez k??-end-
Dun want to be like this pic*_*)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

KungFu Panda..~~

uhu~~just finished watchin' KUNGFU PANDA' last week..(shud update dis blog more often,dila!)-_- It was really an exciting movie to check out..Ful wif action and most of all we can learn gud values in it! Really like the Uguay Master quotes,"Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery and today is a GIFT"..shud apply it in my daily life I think..shud always remember that every second I breathe is a gift from Allah swt..I shud appreciate the gift that He gave to me,right? Well,back to the movie, the main character which is Po (a big fat panda,but carried a big pure heart) in a quest of becoming the Dragon Warrior which was the highest place in KungFu history.. The story get more exciting when he must fight with a bad cruel tiger named Tailong who wants to 'rampas' the Dragon Warrior scroll.. So,together wif Po's at-first-not-a good friend,Tigress,Monkey,Viper,Crain,Mantis their all help each other to defeat Tailong..
This movie was not just about the well created kungfu action,but also the love between frens, and also love between dad and son..really touched me when it came to the sad scene between the father and son..(u all shud watch dis k?)
So,I went to watch the movie after class (coz we don't hv evening class dat day..huhu~~best3) along wif Fatin,Ti,Oyin, n Min..a great day ends with a great memories to share.. DOn't forget to watch dis yep!(lucky for u guys,i've upload the pic which is in wallpaper size..just click n enjoy it,ok??)

Monday, June 09, 2008

It's exam time..!! is in the middle of end of level is Physics,Chemist, and MAth1 n Math2 which have to be accomplished in two day's time..And for a person like me (which is so..malas to prepare for the exam) it was really hard..To make thing worse,the daily class that we had always take still continue to take place as usual..can u imagine it..the task for tomorrow which include :
> Math2 exam
> Physics exam
> Hanja exam
> Hangul Typing exam
> Lot's of homework
Pheww ( sigh wif hand grabbing my head) in the earth am i going to make all this work done by tomorrow??It is worst for a student like me (which is lambat pickup sket) utk revise all the topic for the exam..huhu~~padan muka (like we always said) aku!!baru sekarang nak rasa menyesal tak study awal2..:(
Anyway,whtever it is I still must do my best to score for tomorrow's exam.."stop blogging-lah!"said my luvly rumate as aku masih lagi tak sedar that's there are not enough time left to study..huhu~~so,better continue my revise now..dun wanna make my rumate mad at me..^^Pray for my luck yep??*smile*

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

~Trip to Korean's Folk Village~

"Apa benda la yang dorang terkinja2 menari ni?"kata pembaca2 dlm kotak fikiran masing2..huhu~~
Okla,sekarang nak cerita pasal trip Malaysia Programme ke Korean Traditional Folk's Village lak..Yang korang tgk kat ats tu nama nya ialah 사물놀이 (samullori)..
kalo kat M'sia kira mcm tarian zapin,inang,etc..

Korean Traditional Folk's Village ni kalo dari SNU (Seoul NAtional Uni) amek masa kire2 45minit prjalanan,x jauh sgt pun (lecturer kencang je ckp smpai 2jam lebey,ceh!huhu~~)Tempat ni kiranya mcm muzium la..kalo ikutkan hati memang tak nak pegi tmpt2 sejarah ni,bosan tp dh nk wat camne,xtvt wajib,ikut je laa..
Kitorg "brkampung" kat sane dr pagi smpai la ke petang..pagi tu ktorg jln2 sendiri pastu tgk mcm2 tradisinal show kat ctu trmasukla samullori ni..selain tu,ade jugak die perfomed dorg pnye tradisional marriage (mmg bosan giler time ni..huhu~~),dorang main benda cam jongkang-jongket)..

Lps habis sume xtvt pagi tu,kire2 kul 12tghari kitorg 'dipaksa' plak mkn mknn tradisi dorg yg smpai sekrg masih lg mnjadi mknn feveret dorg iaitu 'bibimbap"..benda ni sbnrnye cam nasi goreng gak cuma kite kacau sume rencah2 tu ms nk makan tu haa..dalam tu ade nasi sket (nasi korea lembik,hampeh x sdp..hehe..),telur goreng kuningnye x msk (yucks,i hate..),sayur2 yg byk gile,sos cili (kate dorg bnda tu pedas,tp frankly speaking,tipu je dorg tu sbnrnye,x pds lgsg..huhu~~)

So,dipendekkan crite ptg tu dlm pukul 3 camtu kitorg pnye trp pun kitorg ade lagi ms sejam lebih utk merayau-rayau dan mmbeli cenderahati yg semmgnye cekik darah blake..hehe..~~pastu tetiba je kwn2 ak ajk pegi umah hantu kat situ..kat sane trjadila episod lawak pd hr tu..blm msk pun lg sume dh siap jerit2 sbb takut..hehe..nasib baik lps tu ade la seorg kwn lelaki ni yg msk skali,so baru la brani melangkah msk ke dlm..all the way dlm umah hantu tu kitorg asyik jerit je..trcabut biji tekak dibuatnye..hehe..yg msk umah tu ak,k.gee,tiha,min, n mira..yg plg kuat jerit tekala sape??mstila mira..hehe..(jgn mrh..)sbnrnye umah tu x menakutkn pun,setakat hantu dlm bks kaca ape nk takut tp kalo dh msk tp x jerit tak thrill la kitorg pun buat2 la jerit dgn sekuat hatinye..kihkih..

So,overall trip tu best la jugak rsnye..especially time discover tmpt tu ngan kawan2..lagi yg best kitorg smpt tgk penggambaran drama korea yg buat kat situ..mmg mcm real.huhu~~
ok..till then...

Bergmbr ala2 Spice Girl..hehe~~
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