Monday, June 09, 2008

It's exam time..!! is in the middle of end of level is Physics,Chemist, and MAth1 n Math2 which have to be accomplished in two day's time..And for a person like me (which is so..malas to prepare for the exam) it was really hard..To make thing worse,the daily class that we had always take still continue to take place as usual..can u imagine it..the task for tomorrow which include :
> Math2 exam
> Physics exam
> Hanja exam
> Hangul Typing exam
> Lot's of homework
Pheww ( sigh wif hand grabbing my head) in the earth am i going to make all this work done by tomorrow??It is worst for a student like me (which is lambat pickup sket) utk revise all the topic for the exam..huhu~~padan muka (like we always said) aku!!baru sekarang nak rasa menyesal tak study awal2..:(
Anyway,whtever it is I still must do my best to score for tomorrow's exam.."stop blogging-lah!"said my luvly rumate as aku masih lagi tak sedar that's there are not enough time left to study..huhu~~so,better continue my revise now..dun wanna make my rumate mad at me..^^Pray for my luck yep??*smile*

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