Sunday, February 12, 2012

Driving me crazy.

Back into blogging again.The reason for my absence?
Mostly bcoz my blog was hacked or i-dont-really-know what happened but the thing is,
all the pictures in this blog are all gone.So if u scroll over to my previous posts,
u may see this annoying black box with symbol in every box that supposedly filled with

So i am sorry for any inconvenience becoz i dont bother to reupload all the pictures is soooo not fun to find all the pics again.I thought of starting all over again but
i was too tired or 'lazy',i must say,to make it done.So,bear with it ok.:)

And the other reason is bcoz i am on winter vacation.And am spending time at my lovely home here
in Dungun,Terengganu.Later on i'll update more.(pretending like anyone would even bother about it)=_=

So,till then.Gonna drive my mother to the shop now to buy kain kapan. Nanti susah pula kalau ade org meninggal esok lusa takde kain kapan.Ade sape2 nak pesan ke?;)

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