Friday, July 18, 2014

370 & 77

March 8th, and now July 17th.
Almost 2am I cant still get myself to sleep.

I used to travel via airplanes a lot during my university days.
Never once I stop the fear of being at thousands of feet up on the blue sky.
Yes, I was terrified with flying at a point where I did not join a family vacation, I chose to not board the plane.

Then, situation changed.
I still remembered clearly the first time I board the plane and it was ready to take off.
How my hand keeps trembling and sweating.
How hard I closed my eyes, praying for everything to be alright.

Then after a few times travelling, eventhough I was more at ease, I still cant get rid of all the worst scenarios that could have happenned.( somehow I started to imagine all these horrible tragedies the minute the plane starts to take off, every single time)
And now, in the year of 2014, it all actually happened. ;(

I am lost at words. I can't help but imagine how terrifying it must have been, both for the victims and the families.
The more I think about it, the greater the pain in my chest began to feel.
And I started to cry like an abandoned child. ㅠㅠ

May God grants ease to all the victim's families and friends.
Let's not stop praying for them, for the victims.

Fellow Malaysians, our country needs us to keep it together at this very difficult times.
Let us all help in any ways that we can.
The least we can do is keep on praying!

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