Sunday, June 15, 2008

Again...'s exam week again..not even satisfied with the time after the last exam..
huhu~~well,nothing can do laa..just face it,,as it is week of exam my blog will once again empty with update but will full wif dust..hehe^^
Dis time it is Korean Language to get better marks this time..hope better than last exam..well,just a little info bout last exam,it was not-so-well exam i think..hehe..really sad but then..damn,i shud not continue my last minute study!
Dis week will be the most busiest week for me in this summer term..Thankfully there are new guys in SNU (place I am stduyin) which was foreigners like me here..really handsome guy too are there..huhu~~dun be jeolous..^^stop!!what nonsense did I talk about?never get anything link to my topic here..lalalala~~
Must do my best in this exam..u oll,pray for me like owez k??-end-
Dun want to be like this pic*_*)

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