Sunday, June 29, 2008


it's beEn a lOng time since I update my blog..
i did the same mIstake again,not updating my blog and leave it full wif dust!!hehe..sOri agaIn..^^
aCtually,it was holiday week,we're all busy wif our own plan..(will tell u later bout dat..)
so,before the holiday begins we had to go for homestay for 2days long..huhu~~
gonna tell u my experiences wif the Korean family..^^

firStly,we had to call them by ourselves,of course conversation in Korean which was still hard for me to use it as speaking language..
well,like always we set the date and meeting was at COEX Mall,place wif full of young peoples and it was weEkend!In Malaysia i think it is same as Midvalley Megamall..yups..
so,I did bring 'pengat ubi' for my Korean family ( wlpn x sdp sgt sbnrye..hehe..)
But the worst thing of all,I was late for my first meEting wiTh the daughter of my homestay family!!huhu~~
But, thank God that the girl was really2 kind that she does'nt care a thing bout that..Lucky me^^..
So,the first meeting was a sUccess..we went to the aquarium,seeing sea animals,eAt a lots,eYe
sHopPing, and the best of all, I did'nt hv to usE my own mOney cause it's all had been paid by my lOvely kInd new Friend,KIM JI YUN..thanKs,fren!
Then I went to her house after one full day of laughter and gOod memOries to keEp..
wHen I first arrived at her hOuse,I felt really uncomfortable..Know why?
bcoz her parents was incredibly KInd!!
we taLk about maNy things,although sometimes I need Ji Yun ti help me 'translate' what they are saying..hehe..~~
They treat me really like their own daugther and fiLL me wif loTs of foods..hihi..
oN the next dAy,we wEnt to the paRk which has a big beautiful manmade waterfall..
wE tOok a lot of picTures together and the trIp ends uP at a pOpular served KoreAn FoOd restaurant near oUr hOuse..
The whole two days was amazingly intErestiNg..I was sO haPpy and there's no doubt that I'll always kEep In toUch wif thEm..
*I alSo got a Lot of prEsenTs too!

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