Saturday, June 14, 2008

KungFu Panda..~~

uhu~~just finished watchin' KUNGFU PANDA' last week..(shud update dis blog more often,dila!)-_- It was really an exciting movie to check out..Ful wif action and most of all we can learn gud values in it! Really like the Uguay Master quotes,"Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery and today is a GIFT"..shud apply it in my daily life I think..shud always remember that every second I breathe is a gift from Allah swt..I shud appreciate the gift that He gave to me,right? Well,back to the movie, the main character which is Po (a big fat panda,but carried a big pure heart) in a quest of becoming the Dragon Warrior which was the highest place in KungFu history.. The story get more exciting when he must fight with a bad cruel tiger named Tailong who wants to 'rampas' the Dragon Warrior scroll.. So,together wif Po's at-first-not-a good friend,Tigress,Monkey,Viper,Crain,Mantis their all help each other to defeat Tailong..
This movie was not just about the well created kungfu action,but also the love between frens, and also love between dad and son..really touched me when it came to the sad scene between the father and son..(u all shud watch dis k?)
So,I went to watch the movie after class (coz we don't hv evening class dat day..huhu~~best3) along wif Fatin,Ti,Oyin, n Min..a great day ends with a great memories to share.. DOn't forget to watch dis yep!(lucky for u guys,i've upload the pic which is in wallpaper size..just click n enjoy it,ok??)

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