Friday, August 01, 2008

친목의밤...( FriEndsHip nIte ) was so hot that make me felt like i was stuck in a big microwave!
huhu~~nothing can be done bout that laa..its suMmer theN..^^

so,this time I would like to tell about the friendship that we had held at SNN last weekend..
so,i took charge in the cOokiNg teAm, and i was also one of the dancer for the performance that night!Can't really believe that I could dance!!hehe...malULa...

well,the truth is I was just a 'Bidan terjun' in the dance team..we dance one of the malay traditional dance called Zapin..too bad that i could not upload the video taken that nite^^
so,as I was the head of cOoking team,we were ordered to cook a simple Malaysian food to serve to the Koreans.What the 'simple Malaysian food' mean was to cook something like 'kuih'(cookies)

After some discusions we decided to make "buah melaka" but our proposal was rejected..huhu~~so,sedey that time..then we were asked to make "popia" for the Korean..
Popia' is a Malaysian food made from various vegetables rolled in the rice paper..diPped in the sauce and its ready to eat!

so,the whOle nite was great!the mc's which is Alwin and Rin had handled it successfully..congrats!these are some of da pic's taken dat nite..

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