Wednesday, September 03, 2008

FirSt rAmaDaN in KoRea...

This year once again being the most historic moment of my life which is the first Ramadan in Korea...
Until now,it is the third day of ramadan and i am still having it with millions of 'syukur' to the Almighty,Allah s.w.t
Eventhough everytime I break my fast without family together with us but I am so glad to have such a wonderful friends who are willing to share the sweet and bitterness of life here in Korea.
I realize that it was not easy for us to go through all of this in a such young age as 19years old.
And sometimes I can't lie to myself that I really miss my family back in Malaysia.
So do my other friends.Sometimes I and my friends will talk about our life after terawih,laughing and suddenly without intention tears rolled down our cheeks.
~the room remain silent for a minute~
Yes,we are sad because sometimes all the things happen here was really hard for us to carry on our shoulder.Thank God,we have our one and only guidance in this world which is Al-Quran that had been our cure when it comes to the hard times..
Having Ramadan far from our family really teach us something that I think we could never get such an experience beside studying far from Malaysia.It was the joy of Ramadan itself.
I now can experience myself how was the child,the people that did'nt have enough food living their life from day to day."Syukur,ya Allah on everything from food,the happy life,and everything that You had gave me from the day I was born."

And now too,I realize something for sure that everything that we think hard for us are actually giving us millions of goodness,what's important is we take it with full of 'keredaan'.Wallahuallam..

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