Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japan,I'm sorry.

It may still not too late for me to send my deepest condolences to all the people
in Japan who lost their homes,families and friends.This is such a tragic tragedy and it
ripped my heart apart when I saw all the damages caused by the fierce tsunami
and the earthquakes.
Pictures of sad gloomy faces of the victims were heartbreaking to even look at.And even though
I know that the pain that I see in those eyes are not as painful as the people
who experienced the tragedy themselves,I hope they will stay strong to get through the day.
My pray goes for all the victims and the people of Japan and I
only hope the best for them.

Clearly,this is not the time to the world to make fun of the tragedy nor the right time to argue about it.This is the time we show our humanity as the people living on the same planet,breathing the same air that how much we care about them.

Dont just sit back and do nothing.As for the Muslims,let us all pray for their safety in our prayer.
What we must bear in mind is that this tragedy is not just meant to the people in Japan,but this is also an important reminder for us from Allah swt that the day of judgement,the day the earth will vanish is not that too far anymore.
This is not a tragedy caused only by the people there,but maybe because our own fault.We probably didnt notice that the fact is,every single one of us did contribute to why the tragedy happened.
Sometimes,we intentionally leave our prayer from time to time,we didnt act like a true muslim,we even sometimes forget Allah.And didnt we think for a second that Allah is trying to show how dissapointed He was,how sad He was that His own creation was turning away from Him?nauzubillah.
We actually owe an apology to the people of Japan because of this.

Dont just sit in our own comfort zone and point out our fingers,blaming others.
Remember,this is PART of our own fault as well.
We are very lucky to know the fact that Allah still loves us,
He is still giving us a chance to change.
But remember,this may be the LAST reminder f
rom Allah swt.
And there may not be another time.
Till then,
Are we ready yet?

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