Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saye sungguh rajin mengupdate

Ini copy paste dr twitter akaun ciksUnny.

Tgh bosan2 nampak kuiz best ni.Resultnye,Lord Voldemort??
haha.nk tau ape die tulis lg?
ni ha.

"He who must not be spoken of!" You are the Darth Vader of the Harry Potter books. You are out to kill young wizard Harry Potter. Your soul is split into many pieces which means you are very hard to kill. You are a powerful villain.

sekrg,ade takut?????

**sekadar suke2.mmg takde sggh,(smbil melihat jam).it's sahur time!!!

1 comment:

aLwEz o0kies said...

but in the end harry kills voldemort with just the simple stunt spell~ *wink*
p/s-gudluck on splitting ur soul!
p/s-p/s-thanx hdh aritu~

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