Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What is wrong with me???

Sambutan Family Day PPMK atau dulunya
dikenali sbg Hari Muhibbah telah pun berakhir dengan jayanya.
Akhirnya segala kegusaran dalam hati
berakhir dengan kenangan manis yang tak dapat dilupakan.
Walaupun mengakui terdapat beberapa kesilapan yang berlaku
pada majlis tersebut,tetapi itulah lumrah dunia.
Tidak ada sesuatu pun yang sempurna dalam dunia ni.
In fact,one famous person which i don't remember who
had once said that,there are no mistakes in life.
What we call mistakes are actually lessons that are crucial
for us to accept it with an open heart.
And trying to learn all the lessons are the most important of all.
Even ciksunny yang sepatutnya bertindak sbg seorg ahli creative crew
yg bersama menolong menjalankan tanggungjawab memastikan
majlis berjalan lancar juga mengakui that I did'nt made a perfect job either.
If only i did inform and alert them about the incident earlier,dis thing would never happen.
It was all my mistakes.Or shud i say lessons.
I was too emotional that day that i neglected my responsibility.
I'm really sorry for what hv i done.I'm ashamed of myself and
i'm assuring u all that it will never ever happen again.
All the praises shud go to the person that really put a great effort for the ceremony.
Not me.the one who is lack of commitment.
I'm sorry if there's anyone out there that feel dissapointed by my action.
The person behind ceremony itself had really put their best
effort in making the ceremony a huge success.
Special thanks and congratulations to all who had work really hard for this ceremony.

**I was thinking about this many times recently.I was thinking that some part of the incident was also my fault and for that i decided to wrote this.Sincerely,i felt guilty for this.I'm the one who shud be blamed since I'm the one who knows the incident from the beginning but i'm not taking the right action.Forgive me.:)

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Nurulaini binti Taib said...

congratulations for the huge success. keep it up. ceewahhh. hahaha. i was busy la. that was why i didnt update my blog... hurm, about the mp4 thing, no need to waste ur money on it actually. i feel bad for wasting ur money like dat. u can just keep the money... i heard from mom that u r coming back on 28/12... is it true? how long will u be here?

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