Sunday, June 26, 2011


lately i had been experiencing a bit of breakdown.
studying in the university had made things worse.
before,i studied at a college at the heart of South Korea,which is Seoul.
i didnt expect things would be much worse than there.but it did.

now i've transferred to Sungkyunkwan University,Suwon.
the surrounding here isnt as hectic as in Seoul becoz
it literally is like the suburb area.
but the studying environment has completely changed.
it is much tougher and the exams were were harder.
and due to the marking system for university standard here in South Korea,
it is almost impossible for me to compete with other Korean students
who are clearly more brilliant than i am.
the education system here in S.Korea is different from Malaysia.
i bet u did heard about several suicide cases involving Korean students right?
it's literally that hard.we must compete with each other to get good grades,
and here in S.Korea,education is everything.
so with no one to turn to,they did stupid things as suicide bcoz they cant bear with
the pressure anymore.

but i'm lucky i have Allah to turn to in easy or in hard times.
i realized that all the breakdown that i've experienced lately,
makes me nearer to Allah.i cried to Him for help.i beg Him for help.
but eventhough it didnt make things easier,i felt relieved.i believe that
my prayer will be answered someday sooner or later.maybe not in the way that i want,
but in the way that Allah knows best.
i just have to keep trying the best,praying and tawakal.
bcoz i know Allah wouldnt let us down.Allah wouldnt let us carry a burden that
we cant manage.All of this things is His tests for me.
i say Alhamdulillah,when i get good things,
and so,i'll say Alhamdulillah too when i get tested bcoz this way,i know
He still loves me,he still wants me to remember Him,
to embrace how beautiful Islam is.
Subhanallah.All praise be to Allah.

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Zarina Jani said...

Dilla masih ingat pada Allah ^^.

Akak hadiah kan youtube link ni untuk Dilla. Tiap kali akak sedih dan breakdown, lepas dengar tazkirah ni rasa sedih pun hilang.

"Jangan Bersedih" -

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