Friday, September 02, 2011

Sigma Eyeshadow Palette Giveaway [ By Madiha's Make Up Blog]

I've always interested in creating beautiful features in every face i know stand out
using make up.And i'm currently crazy in collecting all kinds of make up.
But due to the lack of money that I currently hv in my possesion since i'm still a student,and
also it's really hard to find any Sigma product both in Malaysia and Korea,
I figured that why don't I just try to give this giveaway a shot?
Well,obviously I have nothing to lose if I don't win this,
but I'll probably be the happiest blogger in the arena if I win.haha

And yes,talking about Madiha's Make Up Blog,
it is really a good site to get information on many beauty products and make up.
There are also tutorials  on how to do several make up looks.
And it also offers many great giveaways and contests.
Do check it out.!:)

For those who wants to join the giveaway,
do click on the picture.!


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