Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Holiday~

Updating from the hotel's lobby.
Just got back from Kuantan.
Had a chance to view the scenery of Cherating Beach.
ate a lot of durian at the parking site with a lot of people passing by.
did'nt care much bout them though.huhu~
really enjoying the durian while being entertain by the sea's cool breeze.
i'm going to miss all this when i leave Malaysia next month.
how time had gone so fast!
ok2.chill out.
there's a lot more to come.
and a lot more of cool stories to be share!
wait for it!^^

**just read the whole stories about Neil Armstrong's fake moon landing.not sure which one is true right now.which one must i believe in?? mcm org melayu kate,"kalo takde angin masakan pokok brgoyang," kan??sure enough,there are conspiracy behind all this!

1 comment:

fararusdi said...

uitm cuti seminggu sebab H1N1.. hehe nak pegi jalan jugak!!!

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