Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Blessings of Life

i dont know where to begin with.
But i think i felt so blessed with whtever happening in my life.
i have a wonderful life,
a bunch of 'crazy' siblings,for what's worth, a happy family,
lots and lots of dear friends,teachers,

recently,i had to decide something important
in my my career as an employee-to-be,i must say.
it was'nt an easy decision to do.
and once it was made,day by day,i has always wondered,is that
the best choice that i hv made?
was that the choice that i really wanted?
can i go on living with the chosen decision?
like i always say to myself,
when i've done trying the best in something,
the rest,i'll leave it to Him to decide what's best for me.

And now i'm convinced that i've made
the best decision.
i dont think anything can beats the decision i have made.

He had always help in many ways.
Not just many,it's trillion.maybe even more than that.
I got so ashamed with myself.
i've never been able to return all the blessings that He had gave me.
I've done so many bad things that I myself isnt proud at.
n i sometimes forget to thank Him.
much less,find excuses to denie Him.
and yet He still loves me.
He still gives me chances.
He still remembers me every single breath I take.

He had showed me how much He care about me.
And I want to do the same for Him.

There's no term 'nobody loves me' in my life,
cause i know,there's always Him.

and you,readers,
should feel that way too:)

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