Friday, June 15, 2012

Got student ID?

So.I don't know whether there's a person out there who wants to know how student ID card here looks like.But nonetheless,I'm just gonna show it off here for no reason at all.Pardon me  if I sound a bit harsh there.(",)

So,basically any student ID card all around the world is the same,no?

And I can assure u one of them definitely look like

For security purposes,had to blur some information there.I know.I I paranoid or what?Well,with the ever changing technology nowadays,u'll never know right?

Identity theft isn't a rare case already.Not that I'm saying my identity is worth stealing.hehe:')

To be honest I am now in the school's library, studying for this evening's paper for final and I sort of feeling sleepy, thus the sudden post.

From the picture u can see I'm sitting near the window because I can't bear sitting facing a brick wall. Makes my head go all dizzy. Some green scenery doesn't hurt ey?

Ooook. That is all for now my dear blog whom I abandoned for so long.ㅠㅠ

I can't promise but I'll try to get back to you once the final is over.

All the best for final exam for anyone whose taking it and have a good bright day ahead.!

May peace be upon you.



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