Monday, February 09, 2009


Lately every single thing i've done seems to be wrong..
itu salah,ini salah..
and now,my head is spinning like hell..
i dun care what people think about me.
in fact,i did'nt give it a damn!

it's my own life..
i'll take risk for everything i've done or will be done.
stop teaching me how to control my life!
i don'nt like anyone giving me pressure on doing sumthing i don't like to do!
and i do think nobody like to be treated like that..
pls laa..

p/s: ak mcm dh jdkn blog ni sbg tmpt lps geram pulak..
sori la kat readers yg trpaksa dgr luahan merapu ak ni..huhu~

1 comment:

PA 007 said...

hye dylla, nice to meet you here.. i'm xktian tu, hehe

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