Friday, May 29, 2009


Received this note a few days ago.

" To : B***, A**, D**** & lain2.
Kindly lower ur voices.
or silent is better"

Yes,i had copied it as what it had written on the paper.
It's really a weird thing as in the age of 20years old,there's still people
playing around this kid's kind of things.
What are they thinking?
Ruling the world?
Get lost you freaks!
You did'nt even have the guts to speak out in front of hundreds of peoples,
and know you're jealous just because we chat around with friends during recess time?
ashamed of you to behave like that!
Ok.i'm not gonna lie.
I love to talk.
And i love to speak out my voices.
And for sure,I will never accept the myth that only mens can speak out loudly
as much as they can but not the women.
To be more clear,
i've been this way since i was a child.
And i'm proud of it and for me SILENT IS NOT AN OPTION.
For you freaks,
use your brain and think.
Untill dis time what have you done being a dumb silent?!
Tell me straightly if you have the guts to do so.
Stop being a puppet on the stage that are being voice over by other people.
Pity of you freaks!
Just back off and learn how to be more independent
and before that very time comes,
don't you ever try to ask me to be silent!
Got it?!

*I'm tired being a nice girl.Tired being the one who have to sacrifice everthing for the sake of others.And i am also tired of waking up people that are living in their own world without thinking of others!


Nur Fadhilah Abd Ghani said...

bykkan bersabar yer..
btw..i`m totally agree to ur words kat bghn *...(feel da same way)

Kfid said...

ko mrh kt sapa? org korea?

*sUnNyMiSo* said...

Fad::kadang2 rs dh letih itula,kita ni kn manusia biasa jugak.kadang2 meletup jugak aku.hehe.

Kfid::xde la marah sgt pun.sebagai peringatan je.tak khususkan kat sape2.sape yg mkn cili,terasa la pedasnye..~

namesayerien said...

aku nk tau plez3
sape plez3
cool dila cool2
jgn biar psekitaran mngubah anda kearah negatif ngeee

Nurulaini binti Taib said...

girl, dont be bothered about other people. i totally agree with u. they r jealous and that is just PATHETIC.dont worry to speak out ur mind babe. just do it cuz i do it too. others who can stand people like us can go to hell or wherever loser place they come from. =)

aza said...

if our 'noisyness' tu menganggu class tu, sorry sangat la. but ingat la diorang pun bising jgak..and the note, sangat lah budak tadika! macam ketua kelas je nak suruh budak2 senyap. ceeeeeeeeeeeeh !

*sUnNyMiSo* said...

rien::haha..nati blk m'sia time kuar jln2 kat dungun ak bgtau eh..hehe~

sis::100% and totally agree with u!

aza::diorg kn mmg budak2 tak cukup umur..hahahahahaha

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